Overmax Parry 2.0 Парочистачка

Overmax Parry 2.0 Парочистачка

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OVERMAX Парочистачка Overmax Parry 2.0 Grey (OVH-PARRY 2.0 grey)

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Overmax Парочистачка Overmax Parry 2.0 Blue

Високо качество! Лесно и сигурно пазаруване! Отстъпки!

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OVERMAX MOP STEAM PARRY 2.0 PRESSURE WASHER 1500WDescriptionMOP STEAM PARRY 2.0 PRESSURE WASHER 1500WThe Overmax Parry 2.0 steam mop is a multifunctional, ecological, cleaning device that can be easily changed into a manual steam cleaner. Kills 99.9% of bacteria without using chemicals. The mop is suitable for many types of surfaces. The time of heating up the water and being ready for work is only 25 seconds. Cleaning with Overmax Parry 2.0 is easy and convenient. 1500 W powerThe high power of the device allows you to cope without much effort even with very dirty places. EfficiencyMaximum performance with minimal power consumption. The 370 ml tank and the right power of the device allow for continuous, efficient work - up to 20 minutes. Many surfacesThe mop is suitable for cleaning all surfaces: wooden, panels, tiles and even carpets. Bent at many anglesThanks to the properly bent head and the possibility of spreading the mop, you can easily clean all recesses and hard to reach places. Bending in two planes. 4 x microfiber coversThe set includes as many as 4 pads for cleaning hard surfaces, floors or carpets. The overlays can be washed and reused. Cleaning carpetsSpecial carpet cleaning pad. Removes from materials: dirt, allergens and mites. Hard to reach placesSpecial tips and functionality of the washer allow you to clean hard-to-reach, heavily soiled areas, such as an oven, microwave or shower. Thorough cleaningWith the help of steam, it is easy to clean joints and masonry joints, and a special scraper will also handle fat and hardly removable substances. Mirrors and windowsEasy cleaning of glass surfaces: glass, shower door, mirrors. The pair easily removes suds, handprints, dirt, etc. Turbo nozzleThe special tip increases the local steam flow, making it ideal for cleaning toilets, grouts, washbasins and all hard-to-reach places. Ironing and refreshingThanks to the textile insert, you will iron creases and folds on your clothes, curtains and tablecloths. At the same time, the warm couple will refresh and remove stains from the materials and eliminate unpleasant odors. Water filtersThe filter will effectively prevent the device from being stoned. Thanks to this solution, Parry can work for a long time and without failure. A set of filters is enough for up to 2 years of use. Spare filters are available at an affordable price. Характеристики
Капацитет:0.37 l
Efficiency:19 g/min
Мощност:1500 W
Length of power cable:5 m
Battery life:20 min
Accessories included:- Парочистачка- Microfibre overlay x 4- Воден филтър x 2- Output nozzle- Четка за почистванеes x 2- Carpet cleaner- Уреди за почистване на прозорци- Почистваща четка за грил- Textile cover for cleaning the wardrobe- Angle nozzle
Other features:- Cleaning of many types of surfaces- Easy conversion into a small washcloth- Автоматичен heating control- Ready to operate in 25 секунди- Плавно регулиране of the steam flow- LED индикатор- Lightweight, handy и foldable design- Cleaning without additional chemistry Продукт известен още и като Parry 2 0, Parry20, Parry 2. 0
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